About Us


Strategic Projects was established with a vision of cultivating long-term sustainable client relationships by providing high-quality, fit-for-purpose engineering solutions aimed at maximizing value for our clients. We support our vision by fostering a positive, challenging workplace culture, empowering our people’s personal growth within a supportive team framework. Strategic Projects aims to be the firm that companies entrust with technically challenging projects that require unique solutions for project success.


In 2012, Strategic Projects set out to build a different kind of engineering services company, built on premier quality and value for our clients. From our beginnings, we’ve built the foundation of our company with highly technical, well rounded engineering professionals aligning with the vision of our business. For over a decade we have remained true to our vision, never compromising our commitment to quality and value. The growth of our business continues to be governed by our vision, fostering long-term working relationships while expanding our team with the right people with the right skills.


Our business rests upon several foundational pillars that guide our approach and define our success.


Our team is composed of highly skilled and experienced professionals, ensuring that technical expertise is at the forefront of everything we do.


Our organizational depth and cross trained, flexible personnel allow us to efficiently and effectively deploy staff to align skillsets with project requirements such as size, technical complexity and schedule.


We pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective, practical, and purpose-driven technical solutions that align seamlessly with the unique needs of each endeavor.


Developing long-term sustainable working relationships with our clients built on trust is a cornerstone of our vision and business.